2019 Photo Contest Winners


1st Prize Winner “ Wolfe Lake’s Little Mermaid, Eden"   Submitted by Dan Miller


This photo epitomizes kids having fun at the lake in the best way possible: physical activity in the outdoors married with a bright and magical imagination.  As a youth, who hasn’t pretended they were a dolphin, a deep sea diver or pirate (or a mermaid!) — and isn’t there still a part of that kid-like pleasure recaptured when we “play” in the lake today?  

The photo itself is very dramatic. It captures all the action at its peak, freezing the girl’s powerful leap from the churning water and her fanned out hair. Meanwhile the explosive splash leads the eye up, up and away.  A dazzling and exceptional photo!   

 Congratulations, Dan! 



Second Place  “Pure Joy” Submitted by Melanie Romano


Why we love it:

An enchanting picture, that captures the timeless fascination of very young children with water and evokes a sense of nostalgia.  Most of us experienced the same delight as young children, splashing and giggling as we were introduced to a new sensory experience; and we treasure special memories of our own kids and grand kids playing in the lake. The crystal clear water, baby Bianca’s curls, the sun on her shoulders, tiny hands clasped in excitement as the water splashes....definitely pure joy! 


Congratulations Melanie!


Third Place  “ Tubing Time!”   Submitted by Jennifer Wetmore , Photo by Quinn Wetmore

Why we love it:

Colour saturated and action packed, this unique Go Pro image was our very last entry and really caught our eye.  It screams “FUN!” and relays an almost tangible sense of motion, sound and excitement.  The cool, curved fish bowl perspective is repeated from top to bottom:  the horizon, churning waves and even the round, red tube itself.  If there was any doubt to the thrill of the ride, just look at the kids’ expressions! 

Congratulations Quinn and Jennifer!  

hONOurable mention


“Like a Loon & Her Chick ” Submitted by Michiel Spitzer

 Why we love it:

This adorable little boy is getting a lesson in buoyancy with a bit of help from his bright orange floaties and his patient Mama. The composition invites the eye to naturally follow this sweet scene from the smiling boy to his lovely mom. Her arms, gracefully extended underwater, continue to lead us along as if we, too, are swimming.  A heartwarming photograph!

Thanks for sharing Michiel!


Past Winning Photos & Honorable Mentions