2018 Photo Contest Winners


1st Prize Winner “Waiting”  Submitted by Lianne Huiskens


This winning photograph is stunning in its simplicity.  It hits all the high marks for composition, texture, natural beauty and mood…and it’s all about the canoe!  

Lianne managed to capture a dramatic image in a spartan way. So simply composed:  the canoe dragged up on a rocky shoreline with a large draping cedar branch acting as a stage curtain.  

Meanwhile, the canoe leads the eye over the shadowy, textured rocks  — so quintessentially Wolfe! — and across the still, pewter-hued water to the far shoreline.  It beckons us and portrays a sense of serenity.

A superb image that we think is poster quality, and so takes the 1st Place prize of a $70 gift card to COVE in Westport.

 Congratulations, Lianne! 



Second Place  “Late Spring Sanctuary” Submitted by Betty Jo Greenaway MacDougall


This beautiful photograph presents more like an oil painting, evoking a peaceful, almost surreal quality.  Its composition is excellent, in that the eye is led over the canoe and into the lush greenery of recently leafed maples, ferns and aquatic grasses.  

While the attractive canoe is showcased, one can also appreciate the splendor of the pristine lake shore in spring. The bright blue vest in the canoe’s hull not only adds a pop of colour, but also lends an anticipatory feel to the scene.

Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous image, Betty Jo!


Third Place  “Canoe Cutie”  Submitted by Wendy Rose


Out on the water on a spring day, (maybe one of the first that was sunny and warm enough for a family paddle?) this little girl is clearly enjoying her adventure!   The photo is positively vibrant and saturated with colour:  the pink outfit, purple hat, orange vest, bright blue sky and brand new green buds and leaves on the trees.  

We also like the repeated pattern starting with the straps of the vest, continuing through the wooden thwarts and ending with grandfather Opa’s paddle. This leads your eye from the cute little girl to Opa and his great smile.  Canoes offer us a chance to make happy memories, and this photo proves just that.

Congratulations on your winning pic, Wendy!  


“Flock of Seagulls” Submitted by Juliette Naaijkens



No, it’s not the circa 1980’s new wave band, but this photo has it’s own audible vibe.  There’s so much movement and drama going on that one can easily imagine the shrill screeching of the gulls. 

In contrast, the water is very calm (and so clear)!  The perspective of the shot makes it feel like we’re sitting in the silver canoe and experiencing all of this in “surround sound.”

Thanks for sharing this cool action shot, Juliette. 

“Ready to Go”  Submitted by Phil Earnshaw


This picture made us smile!  Just look at that game little First Mate waiting for the Captain.

In addition to the adorable pup, this pic features a beautiful canoe that leads the eye into an attractive lake scene with lovely colours and pretty clouds.  

Congratulations Phil!