scanlan creek | spawNing bed restoration project

Supporting the Walleye population of Wolfe Lake

In an effort to facilitate spawning Walleye at a juncture of Scanlan Creek below a pair of twin culverts, the Wolfe Lake (Wesport) Association has spearheaded a new spawning bed restoration project.   


  • Westport Outdoor Area Association
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  • Camp IAWAH
  • Scanlan Creek Private Property Land Owner


  • Toronto Dominion Friends of the Environment Foundation $4470


  • Margie Manthey

Report by Margie Manthy

Shortly after ice-out in the spring, when lake temperatures are rising, Walleye congregate in spawning areas.  Read More Page 21 Wolfe Lake Magazine


Tackling An Invasive Species Threat

Eurasian Water Milfoil

Eurasian Water Milfoil crowd out native plants, reducing biodiversity, diminishes fish habitat and negatively impacts wetland habitats. Dense mats form near the surface.  They entangle boat propellers and interfere with swimming and fishing.  As a result, Eurasian Water Milfoil can adversely affects, boating, swimming, water quality and lake habitat. 

Eurasian Water Milfoil is a huge problem in Ontario lakes.   The spread and density of the invasive bottom vegetation species seem to increase each year and Wolfe Lake is no exception.

One way to eradicate milfoil is by natural preditors.  Weevils thrive on destroying the weed, but don't affect the ecological environment of the native species.   WLA is creating their own Weevil Farm to bring up the population in Wolfe Lake to fight Eurasian Water Milfoil.  Learn more at the 2019 AGM Meeting. 

Sponsor: Wolfe Lake (Westport) Association (WLA)

Volunteers:  Bruce Maynard, Bill Garland, Peter, Neve

Photos of the Weevil Farm Start Up

Learn More

Your Lake Association Group has been working on this issue since 2013.


Concerns Of Low Water Levels Continue

 Parks Canada alters water levels of reservoirs keeping in consideration of public safety, the environment, fishery and navigation along the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa.   In response to several questions regarding the depletion of the Wolfe Lake, Parks Canada reported they are guided by old legislation.  Parks Canada admitted that low water levels could happen again to maintain the 5' draft for marine traffic. 

You can read about Parks Canada's Response in the WLA News Magazine Page 10


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